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Friday, October 28, 2005
-- mark --

I know, this place looks somehow like dead.

That's just I had nor time nor really interesting things to post here. My techie life went smoothly, and my non-techie life is already described on another blog (sorry,I don't want to disclose which one).

Well, I installed Debian Sarge at work. I feel very happy to have been freed from the last Windows PC I had to use (It's still dual booting, but I boot Windows only once every two weeks). Installation of Sarge was very smooth (much better than the Woody installs I did), and to have Samba working I just had to install Samba, do some obvious configuration ("what's your domain name?") and type "smb:/" in Konqueror. Installing the network printer was matter of four clicks. Whoa. Who did say that Linux was hard?

As for the WM/DE, I want to try the Mezzo/Orchestra thing. It seems damn cool. I also have new opinion pieces in my mind. Hope to put them out soon.

Ok, there's nothing in this post. No content, nothing. But I wanted to mark the fact I'm still alive, whoever cares about.

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